Storytime Bookcase

$499 single
$699 double

  • Dark Wood


The Storytime Bookcase is the perfect accent to your sophisticated nursery. Fixed interior dividers create contemporary lines and tiered shelving for both style and function. Both single and double bookcases rest on a sturdy, solid, ash-wood base.


  • All finishes are low-VOC and non-toxic
  • Available in a single or double bookcase
  • Single bookcases provide easy reach for toddlers
  • Double bookcase units are connected for stability
  • Packaging made from recycled cardboard


Model 1091

Design Details

  • Color: snow
  • Platform: dark wood


  • Assembled dimensions: 33"L x 13"W x 36"H (Single)
  • Assembled dimensions: 33"L x 13"W x 63"H (Double)

Country of Origin

Made with care in our studio in China and hand assembled in the USA

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